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Melissa Toews

Melissa Toews is a natural light photographer from Chilliwack, BC.  Spirited and dramatic as a little girl, most of her childhood, adolescent and adult years were spent on the stage singing or acting.  However, it wasn’t until she had a chance to get behind the camera that she truly felt alive. What originally started as a hobby, turned into a love, a passion and eventually a profession.

Melissa has developed her professionalism through a variety of photography and editing courses, and she continues to shape her exquisite craft of capturing life memories through interactive case studies of the work of sensational photographers. She has spent 2 years instructing amateur photographers while co-leading a community camera club (Mom’s with a Camera) and continues weekly involvement in several year-long photography challenges.

 “When I take photos, I love to capture people looking at the camera with smiling faces, but even more, I’m looking to catch the in-between real life expressions; the simple beauty of an unposed smile, a laugh or kiss, that we so often miss or forget; the imagination of a child coming to life; the emotion of the tears.”  Melissa Toews

When her camera is resting, Melissa raises her 4 wonderful children with the love of her life. Hiking, biking and evenings at the lake often provide a perfect backdrop for laughter and discovery with family and friends.

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